Best Method Seven Glasses for Grow Rooms [2022 Reviews]

Innovations in grow lighting technology have led to revolutionary changes in grow rooms and indoor gardening everywhere. Interestingly, despite there being no shortage of grow light manufacturers, there is only one company dedicated solely to making high-quality grow room glasses in the face of a steady rise in lighting intensity – Method Seven

Method 7 is not your typical grow room glasses company. In fact, what’s typical for grow room glasses is that a brand with an identity in another part of the lighting or indoor-growing industry seeks additional revenue streams by slapping its logo on glasses, and along with anything else they can import cheaply. Cheap imported plastics are mass-produced to meet demand, with little thought given to how long they last or even how well they work.

imported grow room glasses

Look familiar? Be careful with imported grow room glasses…

This is simply not the case with Method 7, which is a company focused on making glasses, period. They are, by their own account, “a collaborative group of scientists, engineers and problem-solvers looking to unlock the potential of human vision by mastering the spectrum of visible light.” 

The Method Seven team began their journey by creating highly specialized safety glasses for people working in conditions involving intense light. Workers facing exposure to high-wattage lighting and fighter pilots flying faster than the speed of sound are a few examples of the kinds of situations where seeing accurately can make all the difference in the world.

This aspect of color accuracy is important to M7, and their experience working with these kinds of professionals only solidified its importance to them. A huge benefit you get from these glasses is knowing that you will see the color of your plants as they are, not just how the lights make them look.

Ultimately, all Method 7 glasses deliver epic color perception and superior safety protection from grow lights, but you do need to choose the lenses that are engineered for your particular lighting. 

Grow room glasses help the indoor grower see their foliage more accurately, and higher quality ones won’t cause headaches, eye strain, long-term damage, or any of the other problems you get from cheap knockoffs.

And while they have developed specific lenses for specific lighting methods, all Method 7 glasses are:

  • Made from German mineral glass or World Class synthetics by Italy’s Carl Zeiss (IVI Vision)
  • Mineral glass eliminates the strobe effect caused by HPS and MH lights
  • All Method 7 glasses provide full-range UV protection, including UVA, UVB, and UVC rays
  • Come with their own microfiber pouch for safekeeping

Choose Your Glasses Based on Your Grow Lighting

Properly cared for, these glasses will all last years, as mineral lenses will never peel or fade. Keep reading below to find the category that best suits your own grow light setup.

  • HPS
  • Full Spectrum (FX) LED/CMH/LEC
  • Blurple LED
  • Metal Halide
  • Sun/Outdoor Grow

Best Glasses for HPS Lighting

The alluring azure lenses of the HPS lineup provide balance against the intense yellows that are synonymous with High-Pressure Sodium grow lighting. Perfectly suited for both commercial and hobbyist growers, these grow room glasses offer superior safety and color accuracy in traditional grow room lighting. 

All of M7’s HPS lighting grow room sunglasses offer 100% UV protection.

Method Seven Resistance HPS Grow Room Glasses

Method Seven’s Resistance HPS lenses are made from German mineral glass and are optimized for the intense yellow spectrum of High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. Even the synthetic HPS grow glasses, which are manufactured by Carl Zeiss, offer an excellent balance of color. A balance of color that is completely free of the haze and distortion found in cheap sunglasses and bootleg grow room glasses. 

These are lightweight and durable grow room glasses that are a great value for commercial operations interested in outfitting larger crews. There is also the “HPS+ Silver-coating Option”, which is an ideal solution for workers needing to crossover from extra-bright, high wattage environments to outside sunlight. 

Method Seven Coup HPS Plus Grow Room Glasses

The Coup HPS+ grow room glasses feature the high quality anti-glare and scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses that Method Seven is known for, set in a durable TR90 frame. 

It’s the frame, actually, that makes this particular model so popular. Featuring an Italian-made, forward fashion design, they hug the face and stay put – no matter how hard you shake your head! This makes them an ideal choice for those energetic growers that have relied on sunglasses for their ability to stay put; it’s time to invest in quality safety equipment. 

Method Seven Lennox Perfect Color HPS+ Plus Grow Glasses for Women

The M7 Lennox HPS+ grow room glasses feature mineral glass lenses 55mm in width, set into Italian hand-tooled acetate frames (available in Gloss Black and Tortoise Shell). These are non-polarized lenses, engineered to perceive “Perfect Color” in the harshly intense yellows associated with High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) grow lights. 

The Lennox HPS+ grow room glasses are designed to fit women and more slender faces, while their frame styling provides plenty of coverage and their fit keeps them snug and in place. It’s hard to say which feature is best – the clarity, the comfort, or the styling. In any case, these grow room glasses are perfectly suited for the fashion-savvy grow room worker that needs to be safe and look good. Executives, administrators, sales representatives, and scientists all come to mind as a good fit. 

Method Seven Coup HPS Plus Candy Green Grow Room Glasses

The Coup HPS+ frames, like the other grow room glasses in this category, have been precisely engineered to provide perfect color balance in the intense yellow light of High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs. The lenses are expertly crafted by Carl Zeiss manufacturing facilities, using proprietary blends of rare Earth minerals, and are inherently anti-glare and scratch-resistant.

The frames feature the “Coup HPS+” shape and dimensions, with this selection revisiting the insanely popular Candy Green finish, laid over Swiss-engineered TR90 thermoplastic. The final result is a pair of professional grow room glasses that fit comfortably, stay where they’re supposed to, and look damn good doing it!

Best Glasses for Full Spectrum LED/CMH/LEC Lighting

Method Seven spent years of time and money, in collaboration with world-renowned lens crafter Carl Zeiss, in pursuit of a mineral lens that offered the perfect balance of dark and light for use in full-spectrum LED grow rooms. 

The grow room glasses in this category are all engineered specifically for the intensely white light of full-spectrum LED (3,300°k- 5,000°k) — as opposed to pink, magenta, or red spectrum LED grow lights.

CMH, or Ceramic Metal Halide, and LEC, or Light-Emitting Ceramic, lighting systems also fall in the same white-light part of the spectrum as FX (full-spectrum). These glasses all provide complete protection in these kinds of intense white-light conditions, including the full UV range.

Method Seven Evolution FX Grow Room Glasses for Full Spectrum LED/CMH/LEC

Just because these full-spectrum grow room glasses feature synthetic lenses, don’t think for a second that translates into them being inferior! These are still Carl Zeiss manufactured shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses that are guaranteed against hazing, chipping, peeling, or fading the way that cheap imported lenses (and even expensive imported lenses!) eventually do.

What’s important is that using synthetics allows Method Seven to create a rainbow-hued lens that enables grow room workers to see in perfectly balanced darks and lights; true color, even in the most intensely lit Full-Spectrum grow rooms. 

Method Seven Citadel FX Grow Room Glasses for Full Spectrum LED/CMH/LEC

The Citadel FX grow room glasses were designed with the larger commercial grow rooms in mind; at least, those running full-spectrum lighting, anyway. They are one of the most affordable options that Method Seven offers and don’t skimp on any of the safety or quality features, at all.

The TR90 frame meets or exceeds ANSI Z87 +S, the OSHA required standard for being considered “safety glasses”. The non-polarized polycarbonate lenses are specifically designed to balance out the dark and light of FX grow rooms, allowing all workers to see in true color.

The lenses are large enough to provide full coverage, meaning optimal protection for the eyes. Meanwhile, the frames are comfortable and fit snugly, staying put and feeling new longer than any comparable grow room glasses we’ve seen.

The bottom line – these are the best bang for the buck. They might not look quite as slick as the Candy Greens or some Tortoise Shell Lennox M7’s, but they will work just as well in their respective environment and will last just as long. An employer faced with the prospect of buying multiple pairs can stretch their money quite a bit further, provided their grow room is right for the Citadel FX grow room glasses.

Best Glasses for Blurple LED Grow Lights

“Blurple” is the name commonly used to refer to magenta LED grow lights, which were among some of the first LED lights to enter the mainstream indoor-growing market. These grow lights are in the red part of the light spectrum, which is balanced out by viridescent mineral lenses of specific shades.

Method Seven Aviator Blurple LED Clip-On Grow Room Glasses

These ain’t your Grandaddy’s clip-ons! Perfectly suited for anyone wearing prescription glasses, these aviator-style clip-ons fit on even the largest frames by way of a rubberized spring-loaded clip. This allows the wearer to easily attach the shatter-resistant safety lenses to their own prescription glasses and flip them up or down as needed. 

Perfect for keeping on hand for visitors to the grow room, or to stay in compliance with safety mandates.

Method Seven Operator LED Grow Room Glasses

The Method Seven Operator LED grow room glasses are very subtly hiding an insane amount of lens crafting skill and technology in a small, inconspicuous-looking pair of glasses. 

The premium polycarbonate lenses are specially designed by Carl Zeiss to be asymmetrical – a process they found eliminates the distortion commonly caused by curved polycarbonate lenses. Furthermore, the lenses receive a “flash silver” coating that brings a slightly mirrored look while optimizing their ability to reflect excess light.

The Matte Black polycarbonate frames are designed in a universally popular wraparound style commonly seen in athletic eyewear. This translates well to the typical indoor gardener or commercial greenhouse grower that is bending over or squatting for more of their day than they stand or sit.

Method Seven Cultivator LED Plus Grow Room Glasses

The Method Seven Cultivator LED+ grow room glasses are quite similar to the Operator model, with a few notable differences. The first, and most obvious, is the half-frame design featured by the Cultivator LED+. This is a welcome accommodation for those Blurple LED growers that prefer the half-frame over the wraparound design.

The shade of green used in the Cultivator LED+ has been found to be especially good at discerning small insects and early discoloration of leaves. The color balancing and clarity is amazing with all of Method Seven’s glasses, honestly, but in a Blurple grow room the contrast adds greatly to that realization.

Best Glasses for Metal Halide Lights

Metal Halide (MH) lamps are popular in traditional grow light setups to provide the blue-spectrum light that is required for healthy vegetative growth. The Operator MH+ glasses come with a special silver coating that provides further color balancing and full UV-range protection against the invisible infrared radiation present at this wavelength of light.

Method Seven Operator Metal Halide Plus Grow Room Glasses

Best Glasses for Sunlight/Outdoor Growing

Going above and beyond a pair of “sunglasses”, these polarized glasses from M7 are precision-engineered for use in outdoors and full-sunlight growing environments. Their lenses are specially formulated to provide optimal UV protection and color accuracy, even when viewing phones, tablets, and other digital screens in full sunlight!

Method Seven Evolution SUN Polarized Greenhouse & Outdoor Growing Glasses (Matte Black)

best method seven glasses


Our regular readers know that we usually go out of our way in a review to find some bad. We’ve always felt it to be something of a check-and-balance against monetizing the review. In other words, we won’t lie for a buck. Ever.

But when reviewing these grow room glasses we found it very difficult to find even the most trivial of negatives. Yes, we know, the price point seems high. But anyone that wears prescription eyeglasses knows that quality glasses aren’t cheap – and these are, by comparison! Combined with the fact that there are options available with synthetic lenses that are far more affordable than the “designer” options, complaining about the price against so much value feels worse than trivial, it feels petty.

The simple fact is that Method Seven is laser-focused on making the best grow glasses on the market – whether they have competitors or not. At this point, established lens makers providing prescription glasses are the only ones who will ever, ever have a chance in competing with the quality. And they don’t seem motivated to dip a toe into the grow room glasses niche, as of yet.

As it stands, it is in your best interest to give these a shot. With their satisfaction guarantee, you can always communicate with the manufacturer, love them or hate them. They will see you happy, and use what they learn to make these glasses even better.

Thank you for reading, and be sure to have a look around before you take off. We have tons of in-depth content related to all manner of hydroponics, aeroponic, and aquaponic gardening methods. Until next time, stay safe, and stay hightechgardening!

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