3 Best Grow Tents for 2021

Most people prefer to do their gardening outside, but that’s hard to do year-round for the vast majority of us. Grow tents are a great way to garden all year long and control more aspects of the growing process. Controlling factors like temperature, humidity level, and light allows for better control over the final output. There are a lot of options available, and below you’ll find our reviews to help you find the best grow tent for you.

Best Grow Tent for Beginners:

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  • 24x24x36
  • 24x24x48
  • 30x18x36
  • 32x32x62
  • 36x20x62
  • 36x36x72
  • 48x48x80
  • 60x60x80

That’s not a misprint. This one has been around so long, this brand has developed eight different size options for this best seller.

We really like the awesome value that the VIVOSUN offers. At any size, you’re getting a good value when compared to similar tents. This tent also comes equipped with a sturdy metal hanging bar, which is a great feature.

Installation is very easy and straightforward and won’t take you much time, especially if you have a second person to assist. We’re big fans of how sturdy the zippers are compared to other tents. If you’ll be using your tent a lot, rest assured the zippers should last you quite a while.

The removable AND waterproof floor tray make cleaning up super easy. Speaking of compartments, there’s also an inner tool organizer that will actually help you stay organized.

We don’t really like that some reviewers reported “light leaks” in a few areas. However, some duct tape can help fix that.

Despite the rogue “light leaks” that not everyone reported in their tent, the VIVOSUN is our favorite value pick and all around good grow tent. If you’re looking for a great beginner tent, it’s hard to beat the value of the VIVOSUN.

Best Grow Tent Overall:

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  • 2×2.5
  • 2×4
  • 3×3
  • 4×4
  • 4×8
  • 5×5
  • 9×9
  • 10×10
  • 10×20!

When you’re ready to buy the best, we suggest anything by Gorilla Grow Tent which is, in our opinion, the best grow tent brand. Gorillas are not for beginners who are looking for a cheap entry into a new hobby. They are the best option for somebody who has the money to spend on quality. Gorilla tents can cost anywhere from $200 all the way to over $2,000!

They offer three main tent product lines: Original, Lite, and Shorty. If you’re a serious grower, we suggest going with The Original line. Just like the VIVOSUN, there’s a size for everyone, no matter what space you’re working with. If you don’t want to buy yours on Amazon, they also sell directly on their website.

Gorilla grow tents claim to be the tallest, thickest, and strongest, as well as a long list of other attributes, and they may be right. The undisputed name in prefabricated grow tents has been Gorilla for quite some time, and they maintain their place at the top of the market to this day.

We really like the high quality that comes with any Gorilla product because it’s simply the best on the market. Grow tent durability is measured in a overall density rating: a number followed by the letter “D”. Most low-priced tents that you’ll find on the market come in at around 300D-600D durability. The standard line that Gorilla offers comes in at a whopping 1680D! That’s more than five times the durability of cheap grow tents.

There’s not much to dislike about the wide range of Gorilla products. Obviously, people can complain about the price, but that’s not really a fair argument since you’re really paying for quality that’s head and shoulders above most of the competition.

Best Grow Tent Kit:

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  • Grow tent: (too many size options to list)
  • Grow light: 300W – 800W full spectrum LED
  • Fan kit: 4″ or 6″ inline fan carbon filter
  • Clamps
  • Ducting

This one-stop shop is perfect for beginners. The best part is that it is not a one-size-fits-all kit; TopoLite gives you options to customize the perfect kit suitable for you. If you want something small or big, they’ve got you covered with their proven products.

The price can vary depending on what options you choose, but you can expect a range of about $250-$650+. The instructions are a little vague, but the good news is that the kits are fairly intuitive to assemble. Overall, this is a very well-reviewed kit when compared to what else is on the market, sitting at a nice 4.3/5 stars on average.

Of course, you’ll get the occasional reviewer saying you’re better off buying everything separately, but at least this way you know everything will work together nicely. The only real gripe that people have about this kit is that the fan can only be set to on or off. They suggest that the kit could use a speed control that could be set to low, which you have an option to buy separately. Also, the LED light does not have a timer included so, if that’s important to you, you may want to also buy that separately. It’s tough to make the perfect kit but TopoLite did a really good job overall.

We really like the individual selections made to create this all-in-one kit. If you’re just starting out, it can be tough to know exactly what is a good setup, so why not let TopoLite do the hard work for you? It’s an extremely cluttered market when you look at all the brands and items you’d need to complete your own set so, for now, go with this kit if that’s what makes you comfortable. When you’re ready to expand, there are plenty of options to upgrade certain pieces.

We don’t really like the lack of control offered on the fan or LED light. It would have been nice if the kit came with the proper controls to regulate the fan speed or light. Overall, though, this is a pretty sweet setup for most beginners or hobbyists. We can live without a LED control, but having more fan control would be quite helpful.

Do I Need a Grow Tent?

Here’s why you may consider using a grow tent:

  1. No more pests: Outdoor gardening comes with its fair share of unwanted and sometimes harmful pests. Bringing your plants indoors will help to eliminate that. Also, you won’t need to utilize any harmful pesticides.
  2. Garden all year round: Most outdoor gardens are at the mercy of the colder seasons which can halt your growing.
  3. More control: With a grow tent, you can control virtually every aspect of your growing better than you can outside. Factors like light, temperature, humidity, air quality, water, and more can be finely tuned to optimal levels.

Grow tent kits should come with everything you need, however you may be missing some things. A key element is the grow light- we’ve written a great post detailing the best led grow lights you can put in your grow tent/rooms.

Because LED grow lights can harm eyes with extended exposure- we have another awesome post about the best grow room glasses. They don’t have to be expensive pairs, but it’s important that you have something.

Grow Tent FAQ

What are the best grow tent brands?

Gorilla Grow Tents are the best overall brand in terms of quality and durability. However, there are a number of other great brands available that drop off a bit in quality but for a lower price. Brands like VIVOSUN, TopoLite and Apollo are great choices if you can’t afford Gorilla. Be careful of cheap Amazon brands. People who go the cheap route often end up regretting it and having to purchase a more durable tent.

Do I need a fan in my grow tent?

Yes, you should at least have an oscillating fan and a vent open to help move the air around since all plants need carbon dioxide to thrive. If you’re looking for that extra push, then a dedicated intake fan like the one in our kit recommendation above can offer additional help. Fans are a great way to lower the humidity levels in your grow tent.

What size grow tent do I need?

Plants come in all sizes but here’s a handy guide:
2×2 feet – 4 small plants
4×2 feet – 8 small plants
4×4 feet – 15 small plants
5×5 feet – 20 small plants

What are grow tents made of?

Grow tents are made of canvas material that varies in quality. They’re sold in a range of 600D-1680D which measures the density and accounts for the thickness and durability of the tent material. Gorilla grow tents are thicker and much more durable than cheaper tents.The inside of the material is made out of a reflective material to better enhance the effects of grow lights.

What’s the best reflective material for a grow room?

If you’re going the DIY route, mylar is the material that most pre-made grow tents use as the inner reflective material. Mylar is great because it is very efficient and doesn’t cost a ton of money. A DIY grow tent is a great way to save money and have more control over your growing process.

If you have the space in your home, a grow tent can be a very wise investment. Make sure to get a tent that fits your space and is big enough to house what you’re looking to grow.

If you’re not sure what other pieces to get, such as grow lights or fans, you can buy everything together in a grow tent kit, like the TopoLite kit we suggested above. If you’re just looking for a basic inexpensive grow tent, go with the VIVOSUN. If you’re up for getting the cream of the crop, go with the Gorilla grow tent.

Grow tents allow for so much more control of every aspect of the growing process when compared to regular outdoor gardening. Now you have a way to step it up and bring your plants inside for year-round growing fun!

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